Alison Conners the founder of CEO Curator

Because no one has time for a bad hire.

CEO Curator does the leg work up front so that you can execute quickly and confidently!

Networking without having to network? Yes, please!

Founder Alison Conners created CEO Curator to solve some of the common frustrations shared by both her small business owner colleagues and her c-suite clients. It seemed that they were repeatedly being solicited to by people claiming to be experts at the service they provided, which no real way to know if that were true. The result was that everyone was asking each other for references to other fractional services that they could outsource their projects to. It wasn’t that they couldn’t find the companies to hire, it was that they didn’t know if they were any good at what they did. In all of the noise of the internet, we all wanted a way to find someone who had worked with them and could vouch for them personally.

Enter CEO Curator – A Private Community of Vetted CEOs & Business Owners

Our referral network is made up of fellow business owners and c-suite decision makers who provide expert solutions to CEOs. We invite you to meet with us and be put you in touch with vetted professionals suited to your needs. If you don’t find what you are looking in the network, we will go out and curate it for you! Where else can you get that level of personalized service for the cost of a monthly movie subscription? Whether you are a small business owner wishing to surround yourself with like-minded professionals, or a large company looking to outsource, let CEO Curator find the best local resources to suit your need.

Our Members Come Highly Recommended

Each partner must provide five CEO clients to vouch for them, before they are invited to join. Visit our Membership Page for info on the many ways to join.