Our First “Ask the Experts: Getting the Most Out of Federal Business Programs” Panel

Our First “Ask the Experts: Getting the Most Out of Federal Business Programs” Panel

CEO Curator was pleased to offer our first “Ask the Expert” panel discussion, including a live Q/A. Questions about the ever-changing federal programs were answered by CEO Curator’s expert member panelists:

Eric Glymph, financial strategist and founder of EDGe Business Planning will address and answer questions regarding PPP Funding and Loan Forgiveness.

Brian Kinzie with Tinker HR will address and answer employee questions regarding CARES.

John Rabil with Launch will address and answer legal questions about the Families First Act.

About Our Panelists Business Webinar Photo

Eric GlymphEDGe Business Planning

EDGe provides financial support for business owners and investors, providing personal guidance that allows businesses to break through from financial survival to financial success. EDGe also helps investors get the accurate and reliable financial information they need to monitor their investment.

Brian KinzieTinker HR

Tinker HR provides human resource services to small companies that normally would not have access to them. Tinker HR strives to remove headaches – from creating policies that are compliant, to jumping in and solving recruitment and retention issues, to helping with that “problem” employee. Tinker HR’s service is completely scalable, whether it’s a quick question or on-site services, they will work with your budget and time constraints.

John Rabil, Launch Legal Strategy

Launch is a law firm that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage legal and risk issues. Launch helps clients develop proactive legal and risk management systems, utilizing a subscription-based model and technology to provide more efficient services with upfront pricing. Subscription legal services are convenient, simple and create stronger relationships.