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Our clients come to us because they sense that they are leaving money on the table when it comes to growing their top line sales revenue. Typically, they tell us that although they have some good customers and clients, their sales team just isn't knocking on enough new doors and it’s impacting the growth of the company. Often, we learn that although their marketing efforts are helping fill the pipeline, not much is closing – and when deals do close, margins are getting thinner and thinner. Finally, they tell us they just aren’t sure what their sales team should be doing – and what metrics and behaviors they should be accountable for. Their lack of experience in leading sales people causes them to question their actions to grow and develop the sales team.

We are a global training leader whose mission is your success.


Sell more – and sell more easily.

Sandler Training helps small to medium-sized companies create a selling methodology and process that can transform an organization. Owner Robin Green is a certified and award-winning trainer who has worked with hundreds of salespeople and managers across many industries. He believes that, contrary to popular opinion, salespeople are not born – they are made. He has helped many struggling salespeople achieve lasting success through the proper attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.


What problem do you solve for your clients?

When we engage with clients, we often find that there is no methodology or process for the sales team. It results in too many people winging it. They often are ineffective in qualifying opportunities and waste time chasing people who are never going to buy. At Sandler, we bring purpose and intention to every step of the sales process. From prospecting to growing business with existing clients, our proven methodology has helped salespeople from virtually every industry succeed.

How are you different from your competitors?

At Sandler, we don’t see sales training as an event. Our on-going, reinforcement model changes behaviors – and those changes intensify over time. You don’t learn to ride a bike at a seminar, nor do you learn to sell in a one-day workshop. It’s the process of on-going, reinforcement training model that has made Sandler the #1 sales training company in the world.

What should we know about your company?

Ascend Performance, Inc, a licensed and award-winning Sandler Training center is led by President and Owner Robin Green. Robin has helped build world-class sales organizations in both the healthcare and technology verticals. He has spoken in front of international audiences and has helped hundreds of sales professionals achieve greater heights.

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