Parallel Management Company

Through state-of-the-art assessment tools and training, Parallel Management helps drive Culture and Strategy in parallel.

An unparalleled team bringing you measurable results from training and assessment tools.


Strategy + Culture in Parallel

It’s been said that “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast." At Parallel Management Company, we believe that leaders must drive Strategy and Culture in parallel. We also believe that “Culture” is a verb. Rather than standing by helplessly as it develops and changes, leaders must intentionally define, nurture, and steer the culture, aligning people with strategy. “Culturing” begins with placing the right people in the right positions.

Our PXT Select™ assessment helps select, develop, and coach A-players. Everything DiSC® assessments and training, our Culture Catalyst™, then helps the team communicate and work together effectively. And for taking the team to a whole new level, we offer The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™. Make the workplace a better place with Parallel Management Company.


What problem do you solve for your clients?

The War for Talent is escalating. Millennials are announcing their workplace presence with authority, seeking meaning in their work. Over half of American workers are disengaged and looking for the exit, aided by record-low unemployment and easy online applications. Giant companies are investing billions in Human Capital Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence systems. What are the rest of us to do? Start with the best employee assessment tools and training available. How much do they cost? Significantly less than a poor hire, unexpected turnover, or a disengaged and dysfunctional team.

How are you different from your competitors?

At Parallel Management, we are experienced business leaders from the front lines. We’ve eye-rolled the latest flavor-of-the-month training class that took our people from the field, with no measurable results. Instead of woo-woo, we focus on maximizing the “Return on Investment in your people.” No ropes courses or rah-rah team-building exercises here.

What should we know about your company?

We are results-driven business leaders first and foremost. Our Founder, Todd Bradberry, is a general manager from the front lines, not just a student of theory. He has successfully led ten different business teams based in seven different cities across the U.S. He has supervised over 2,000 employees at all levels and across business functions. Helping those people grow as leaders is Todd passion - his "True North." He founded Parallel Management Company in 2015 to help build better workplaces, offering state-of-the art employee assessments and training.

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