My mission is to curate the best professional partners to help move your business or medical practice forward. Whether that means finding proven experts to help market or improve your services or simplify your workflows, to finding new revenue opportunities for your growing office, be it in business or medical, the process is the same. I help identify the various solutions available, make sure they are vetted and vouched for, and then educate your team on those options in the most transparent way possible. Through this curated service, my clients are able to efficiently stay ahead of their businesses objectives, while effectively adapting to changing markets and emerging technologies. By surrounding yourself with other proven experts in our network, your own area of expertise is further elevated and subsequently highlighted among the best of the best.

In short, we provide a concierge service to curate and vet cutting edge solutions in business and medical.


"You are an expert in what you do. Trust us to find the experts for everything else, so that you can focus on what you do best." - Alison Conners

Through my years of experience, I am able to help increase your revenue


  • I can help bring pathology in-house, taking you through every step of the process from obtaining your CLIA license, to pathologist recruitment, contracting and credentialing, to workflow and billing optimization and training for your staff.
  • I can also add PCR testing equipment to your in-house CLIA lab to allow for highly accurate Covid / flu and highly reimbursed UTI / BV and wound care testing to be done onsite in less than two hours from collection to result.
  • I can also help bring generic drug dispensing onsite so that your patients can leave with their script in hand instead of making a separate trip to a drug store to fill their prescription.

IN BUSINESS,  I place our members referral groups that are effectively different in many ways...

  • EVERY member has been vetted for their professionalism. We check their online presence and interview their clients before they join.
  • All of the members are director level or above decision makers, authorized to hire on behalf of their companies.
  • Meetings are held only monthly and attendance is not required. You come only when and if you have time to focus on growth that month.
  • The groups are purposefully kept small enough that the members can learn all about each others' businesses and areas of expertise to understand what a good connection looks like.
  • You are not asked to give up your clients' names, ever. Instead, you become educated on what the other members of the group do, and you give their names to your clients when appropriate, not vice versa.
  • Referrals from inside the network are always free, but intros made to contacts outside of the community can earn referral fees.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

Whatever it is you want to achieve for your business or medical practice, we listen to your objectives and then curate possible solutions for you to choose from. We find and connect business owners, executives, MDs and medical professionals with other experts in order to maximize your results while allowing you to focus on what it is you do best.

How are you different from your competitors?

For today’s fast paced business, time is money. We understand that you make decisions quickly and for that reason, we provide you with options while protecting your confidentiality, so you never have to fear unwanted solicitations that devalue your time. Because we do not work with or for any one vendor, we do not push one solution, but allow you to decide which one best fits your needs.

What should we know about your company?

We find, vet and oversee virtually any objective in a business or medical setting. We have assembled an entire network of proven partners, but do not work directly for or push any one option. Because we are often compensated by the vendor of your choosing, our services are offered at little to no charge to you. In business, we have curated experts in sales, marketing, HR, recruiting, hiring, assessments, management, stragety, training, and coaching. In medical, we are able to implement in-house pathology labs, place PCR testing equipment into physician offices, or set up pharmacies for generic prescription fulfillment onsite.

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