Renaissance Executive Forums

Our monthly confidential roundtable discussions generate feedback and solutions within a safe environment to help keep our CEO members focused and on track. They become part of a community of supportive colleagues who are stronger and more effective collectively than they are separately. Through shared learning and peer advice from other like minded CEOs, our members are able to efficiently scale their companies while effectively adapting to changing markets and emerging technologies.

Peer advisory boards that allow top execs to vet their business decisions and stratgeizies in a confidential setting outside of the office


"It doesn't have to be lonely at the top. Being in a group with other successful CEOs where you can talk about anything can be extremely liberating." - Alison Conners

Renaissance Executive Forums’ CEO peer groups are comprised of 8-10 non-competing businesses of all sizes and industries who come together to serve as each other’s confidential board of advisors. Our members sign non-disclosures and spend a half day every month brainstorming strategies to efficiently execute whatever business goals they strive to achieve. Instead of running their companies in isolation, members gain a broader perspective by tapping into shared expertise and trusted resources in their own communities, allowing them to execute decisions faster with greater confidence and support.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

We help CEOs who may be making decisions in isolation or suffering from tunnel vision. Our members are able to vet their vision with other CEOs outside of their organization in private and on a regular basis.

How are you different from your competitors?

Our members are encouraged to provide advice without having to mince words. Our meetings are professionally facilitated, which allows us to dig a little deeper. Every member is given the opportunity to put an issue on the table for feedback every month, versus having to wait their turn to present something formally prepared outside of the meeting.

What should we know about your company?

For today’s busy CEO, time is money. We understand that you make your decisions quickly and your business moves fast. For that reason, we have a strict no homework rule, and our members’ confidentially is highly respected. Unlike most professional organizations, we do not give out our members’ email addresses or allow vendors to attend our meetings, so you never have to fear unwanted solicitations that devalue your time.

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