Member Perks – Our Professional Referral Exchange

In an exclusive network like CEO Curator, each member can take advantage of the best of what each professional has to offer and at a lower cost.

Member Perks – Our Professional Referral Exchange

Members of CEO Curator are privy to special “perks” or deals offered by other professionals in the network that are not available to non-members. Taking advantage of these discounts can recoup the cost of an annual membership many times over. While members are not required to offer such discounts, it is a great way to forge deeper connections within the CEO Curator community. Below are some examples of the many perks offered to our vetted members:

What CEO Curator Offers

Marketing Feedback Report

Advantages of Business Referral Services

Everyone in the CEO Curator has passed an extensive vetting process, the results of which are presented to them in a written marketing feedback report.  The report shows a 360″ view of how each member comes across to a potential prospect searching for their services online, and it provides written permission to post testimonials from their five references.  For a mere $500, we conduct up to five client interviews and compile the insights gleaned into this comprehensive marketing feedback report. Learn more about the value of the client interviews we conduct on your behalf for the marketing feedback report.

Besides the written testimonials, member-only events, and being part of a community of trusted referral partners, our vetted members are also able to take advantage of many additional pricing promotions.

What Our Members Are Offering

Good Run Research and Recreation conducts top tier market research for fortune 500 companies. That insight can come with a price tag that shows just how experienced the team at GRRR really are. However, realizing that in a post COVID world, smaller companies could greatly benefit from the kind of research the GRRR team delivers for their larger clients, they came up with the brilliant idea to split one project among multiple clients for a fraction of the normal cost. Like passing a crystal ball, participating companies can ask one burning question that could transform how their business can be propelled in today’s new market.

For only $5000, GRRR will find respondents to answer that question and then compile the responses into a highlight video that outlines key themes. The real magic is in the expert recommendations from GRRR on what to do with the resulting info! The event is called Field Day and if you mention CEO Curator, you will receive a $500 credit toward any new or current membership! Email CEO Stacy Thomas for more details.

Good Run Research and Recreation Client Testimonials

Idea Weavers – Offering CommonThread, customized software solutions to help keep track of the stuff that keeps your business going.

Step 1 – We document your current processes, desired processes and any roadblocks you’re having.

Step 2 – We meet with clients about 3 times over the span of 3-4 weeks.

Step 3 – Our team builds a tangible proof of concept system for you and works to get it just right.

Step 4 – We price it out, and you’re all set to enjoy your own tailor-made version of CommonThread.

Schedule a Quick Focus discovery meeting to learn more about how IdeaWeavers can simplify your workflows and boost your productivity.  CEO Curator members pay only half price for this useful process that can help streamline any size business. Email CEO Bill Bennett for more details.

IdeaWeavers Client Testimonials

EDGe provides financial support for business owners and investors. We provide personal guidance for your business that allows you to break through from financial survival to financial success. We also help investors get the accurate and reliable financial information they need to monitor their investment.

Member Eric Glymph offers an EDGe Business Financial Review: The EDGe team will review your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. They will summarize key findings of monthly and yearly trends. They will review key metrics such as margins, profitability, revenue, and then compare those to industry metrics. They will provide a summary analysis and key focus areas.

The non-member cost for this is cost $299. CEO Curator members pay only $99!

Hear what Eric’s clients had to say about the quality of his work here:

EDGe Business Planning Client Testimonials

Through state-of-the-art assessment tools and training, Parallel Management helps drive Culture and Strategy in parallel.

Todd Bradberry is offering a discounted team workshop perfect for a 2020 kickoff meeting! Using Everything DiSC Workplace®, a personalized learning experience where participants learn how to adapt to the style of others, this 2.5 hour workshop is designed to improve engagement, collaboration, and team cohesion.

Regularly $300 per attendee, Parallel Management Co. is offering the workshop, individual assessments and take-home tools, for only $200 per learner! Join CEO Curator to take advantage of this great way to build a cohesive team!

Parallel Management Company Client Testimonials

Linda Nash of Wellcome MD offers concierge medicine services including preventative medicine and healthcoaching. Membership medicine re-establishes the kind of personal relationship with your physician that was once commonplace while taking advantage of the many advances in treatment and technology. WellcomeMD members experience medicine that is both more personal and more effective.

As an introductory offer to both members and non-members, WellcomeMD is offering an Executive Physical that includes:

  • Advanced genetic testing- Actionable report assessing 38 genes for fitness and nutrition.
  • Advanced Lab Panel
  • The InBody 570 Analysis – An analysis of fat and muscle
  • A one hour consultation with a physician to review the above
  • A one hour consultation with a health coach
  • Printed recommendations

This state of the art exam is priced at only $600, with a discounted option off of an annual membership.

WellcomeMD Client Testimonials

For over 40 years, Accent Professional Recruiting has been helping companies of different sizes and industries across the US find top sales and marketing talent. Sifting through hundreds of unqualified applicants from an online job posting can be extremely frustrating. Allowing Accent to find the right candidate helps owners and managers recoup lost revenue due to open territories and under performing reps.

CEO Curator members will receive $500 off of the first candidate placement from Accent Recruiting. They will also work with anyone who needs flexible payment options due to COVID-19.

Accent Professional Recruiting Client Testimonials

For over 50 years, Sandler Training has been helping salespeople take control of the sales process, helping leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and helping professionals around the world level up their career.

Sandler Training helps small to medium-sized companies create a selling methodology and process that can transform an organization. Owner Robin Green is a certified and award-winning trainer who has worked with hundreds of salespeople and managers across many industries. He believes that, contrary to popular opinion, salespeople are not born – they are made. He has helped many struggling salespeople achieve lasting success through the proper attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.

Sandler Training will provide a complimentary sales effectiveness audit for CEO Curator members, normally priced at $400. You’ll answer questions about your staff, the skill-level of your team, your current sales structure and your strategy for growth.

You’ll then have a one-hour meeting with Robin Green to help you diagnose your current sales environment and be offered targeted ideas of where to focus your energy going forward.

Sandler Training Testimonials