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Anyone can post a listing online. CEO Curator asks for proof.

CEO Curator is a premium network of business resources focused on quality instead of quantity. You no longer have to worry about making decisions in isolation, being hounded by generic sales pitches, or wading through pages of business reviews without knowing which are true. Trust CEO Curator to do the research and personally curate the best team of advisors for busy executives and business owners like you.

Tap into a curated team of experts on demand for one low start up cost

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For consultants wishing to join our network: For $500 we will interview five of your c-suite clients to provide a 360 view along with written testimonials and permission to publish them.

For executives wishing to complete a turn key project: For $500, we will not only give you access to our directory of fully vetted experts, we will also meet with you to determine who in our network could help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

Engage Our Curated Service for only $500

If you are an executive looking to complete a project quickly, we will hold a discovery call with you in order to curate an expert execution team from within our community.

If you are a B2B service provider or referral partner, we will conduct five client interviews and deliver the results in a marketing feedback report.  Once you pass the vetting process, you can then choose from one of the three membership levels, each for a low monthly membership rate:

Level 1 Bronze Membership (Networking Events Only) – With a Level 1 membership, members are granted a user name and password to peruse the online directory. This is a great option for executives who want to engage or refer to the other fully vetted professionals in the network, without promoting themselves. Level 1 members are invited to all of CEO Curator’s events where they can meet other members, but they do not appear in the directory.

Level 2 Silver Membership (Director Listing) – Like level 1, Level 2 members are able to attend all of CEO Curator’s events and access the password-protected website. In addition, Level 2 members’ services are also listed in CEO Curator’s online directory as a fully vetted professional.  They can be found and contacted through their profile page, where we publish their client testimonials as a third party on our website. Level 2 members can co-sponsor events, be featured speakers and be highlighted in our monthly marketing campaigns.

Level 3 Gold Membership (Paid Channel Partner) – For those members wishing to expand their reach among highly educated referral partners, we have a channel program that allows you to meet regularly with a small group of partners who grant each other the opportunity to share referrals and possibly receive commission on qualified introductions made outside of the CEO Curator network.

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