CEO Curator presents: “Ask the Expert” webinar series


On Wednesday, March 3rd from 11 – 12 a.m., CEO Curator subject matter expert member John Rabil, founder of Launch Legal Strategy, presented on the new employment laws affecting Virginia. John then led a live Q/A session from the audience to discuss how this may directly affect our businesses. Both CEO Curator members and guests were in attendance.

Nov 2020 Virtual Meet and Match Networking Event!

While we could not meet in person, we hosted a virtual version of our popular Meet and Match event in November. CEO Curator members and CXO / Business Owner visitors were placed into small groups for 20 minutes each, and then switched into new rooms for another 20 minutes in round two. Everyone was able to make new contacts and meet our fully vetted members.



Fall Seminar

Our members and guests were invited to attend a virtual workshop led by speaker Michael Reddington entitled “Disciplined Listening”. A former FBI interrogator and trainer, Michael taught us how to listen for all the things that our teams are NOT saying, and what we as leaders can do to get a more accurate and complete picture from their verbal updates and check ins. You can check out Michael’s website at Inquasive.com

July 2020 virtual Meet and Match networking event!

While we could not meet in person, we hosted a virtual version of our popular Meet and Match event in July. CEO Curator members and CXO / Business Owner visitors were placed into small groups for 20 minutes each, and then switched into new rooms for another 20 minutes in round two. Everyone was able to make new contacts and meet the fully vetted experts in our network.



June 2020 Workshop, Selling and Leading Through Recovery

Thursday, June 25th CEO Curator Gold Level Member Robin Green, award winning owner of Sandler Training in Richmond, Va.
presented an interactive workshop for CEOs and business owners looking to revamp their sales strategies for today’s changing market.

Selling and Leading Through Recovery
for the C-suite and business owners who know that it is time to get the sales engine running again, but are unsure how to make that happen, what the sales scripts should say and how buyers should be approached.

Attendees learned relevant questions to ask a prospect; Call scripts for voicemail and cold call intros; The list of questions appropriate to prospecting post COVID; Feedback on scripts and use-it-right-now selling strategies.

The events was $150 for CEO Curator members, and $399 for non-members.

Our Second “Ask the Experts: What Every CEO Can Learn From COVID-19” Panel

CEO Curator’s expert member Linda Nash, founder and CEO of WellcomeMD joined by Dr. Neal Carl will discuss how she and her healthcare company faced the COVID-19 pandemic head-on and what lessons she is taking into the last half of 2020 and beyond.

COVID-19 not only changed everything overnight for CEOs, but continues to present new challenges each day. This interactive webinar will provide the opportunity to get your questions answered by Linda, a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space.

Linda Nash Founder & CEO WellcomeMDDr. Carl

About Our Speakers

Linda Nash likes to identify business opportunities and grow these concepts from scratch into thriving enterprises. She started WellcomeMD in 2016 with an office in Chicago and added a growing and successful Richmond location in 2017. WellcomeMD is a concierge medical practice with physicians who have the time, tools and team to create personalized health plans that address the root cause of their patients’ issues.

Neal Carl, MD is double-board certified by the American Academy of Family Practice and by the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), with expertise in hormone imbalances and weight loss.

Dr. Carl was born and raised in Richmond, VA and believes in a proactive approach to each individual’s health and wellness. He has a professional passion for preventive medicine and the care of acute and chronic illnesses. Dr. Carl has a passion for helping patients maintain or regain optimal vitality and wellness as they age.

May 2020 Webinar: Profit Before People

Todd Bradberry Framed

CEO Curator’s expert member Todd Bradberry, founder and CEO of Parallel Management Company hosted a webinar explaining how to always, unapologetically, put “Profit before People” (or anything else).

As a people-driven leader, Todd lead a discussion about why putting profit first, or money before mission, is still the most solid avenue to business success.

About Our Speaker

Todd Bradberry provides coaching guidance to business leaders looking to make positive, sustainable changes in their organizations and in themselves. He helps clients set clear goals and plans to establish accountability.

Parallel Management Company is a team of experienced business leaders from the front lines focused on maximizing the “Return on Investment in your people.”

Our First “Ask the Experts: Getting the Most Out of Federal Business Programs” Panel

CEO Curator was pleased to offer our first “Ask the Expert” panel discussion, including a live Q/A. Questions about the ever-changing federal programs were answered by CEO Curator’s expert member panelists:

Eric Glymph, financial strategist and founder of EDGe Business Planning will address and answer questions regarding PPP Funding and Loan Forgiveness.

Brian Kinzie with Tinker HR will address and answer employee questions regarding CARES.

John Rabil with Launch will address and answer legal questions about the Families First Act.

About Our Panelists Business Webinar Photo

Eric GlymphEDGe Business Planning

EDGe provides financial support for business owners and investors, providing personal guidance that allows businesses to break through from financial survival to financial success. EDGe also helps investors get the accurate and reliable financial information they need to monitor their investment.

Brian KinzieTinker HR

Tinker HR provides human resource services to small companies that normally would not have access to them. Tinker HR strives to remove headaches – from creating policies that are compliant, to jumping in and solving recruitment and retention issues, to helping with that “problem” employee. Tinker HR’s service is completely scalable, whether it’s a quick question or on-site services, they will work with your budget and time constraints.

John Rabil, Launch Legal Strategy

Launch is a law firm that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage legal and risk issues. Launch helps clients develop proactive legal and risk management systems, utilizing a subscription-based model and technology to provide more efficient services with upfront pricing. Subscription legal services are convenient, simple and create stronger relationships.

April 2020 Webinar: Strategic Planning Amid Uncertainty

In April, CEO Curator’s expert member Stacy Buchanan, founder and marketing strategist of Wythe Ave Consulting, discussed common concerns business owners are raising during this nationwide shutdown, approaches to think strategically about next steps during these uncertain times, and opportunities to emerge from this crisis even stronger. This free webinar invited fellow members of our business community facing similar challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic to ask themselves:

Stacy Buchanan

  • What should we be saying to our customers?
  • Is it inappropriate to continue promoting our services?  
  • How might our business model need to evolve?

Stacy guided participants through a “PEST” model of “what if?” scenarios, including:

  • Political or legal
  • Economic
  • Social or environmental
  • Technological

This exercise allowed participants to think through “what now?” in order to identify opportunities to not only weather this storm, but to grow from it.

The antidote for uncertainty is thoughtful strategy. Our strategies may need to evolve or shift, but having them to begin with positions us for success in business and life.

March 2020 Helping Each Other Through Market Turbulence

The CEO Curator community came together to support one another during the Stay at Home Order in March. Each member shared ways that they could help businesses through the current market turbulence. The leadership demonstrated by the vetted experts in our network was truly inspiring.