Building Local Business Connections With a Proven Network

A Business Community Curated for CEOs by CEOs

What is CEO Curator?

Think of us like a business concierge service where we find whatever may be needed to run a business efficiently, do all the research, and check all the references. What results is a pool of vetted decision makers who are proven experts at what they do. We become a community of strategic partners who come together to network, educate and support each other’s businesses in a no pressure environment.

Do I have to be a CEO?
Not by title, but you do have to think and act like one! You are in charge of the spend, with people who work for you (either as employees or contractors) that you can hire and fire, and you wouldn’t say “let me check with my boss” when making decisions.

Does everyone have to work together?
While we are under no obligation to work together, if we can, we choose to support those businesses who have passed CEO Curator’s vetting process. Many companies in the referral group offer pricing discounts for CEO Curator members only. However, we do not prevent you from joining other groups or working with other partners.

Alison Conners talking about CEO Curator on Virginia This Morning

Targeted Networking Connections

Events for Every Schedule and Preference

What are the member-only events?
We have several different member events to fit any schedule. Everyone loves a good happy hour, but we will also do lunch-and-learns to educate our members on important topics. For networking, we host Meet-and-Match events, where we pair everyone up, so you are not just hoping to meet the right person by chance. Finally, we host volunteer days in support of our non-profit community.

Do I have to attend mandatory meetings?
No. CEO Curator is a resource to draw on when you are ready. The whole purpose of creating a pool of vetting resources is to allow you to be more efficient and achieve your goals faster. You can come to the events, peruse the directory, or meet with the vetted partners only if and when you are ready. It is like having a community of business peers and strategic partners without the time obligation.

How does membership work?
Everyone who passes the vetting process is then charged a low monthly subscription to join. Membership renews annually and dues cover the cost of the events, allows members to access to the online directory and take advantage of the member perks.

Visit our membership page to check out the options for joining.

What is the online directory?
Once our members pass the vetting process, CEO Curator creates a profile page that only members can see, highlighting why you are great at what you do. We obtain permission to post testimonials from your references, which you are free to use in your own marketing as a third party verification, or in place of having to provide customer references.  Directory members are highlighted in our social media posts and ads. They are often the featured speakers at our lunch-and-learns, where they present educational material to both our members and their own qualified guests, while we handle the logistical burden of planning these events.

Vetted Proven Professionals

Our Network Saves Time, Money and Risk

What’s the vetting process?
CEO Curator charges a one time up front fee to cover the cost of the vetting process. To apply, you have to be an executive or business owner who can put us in touch with clients who are willing to vouch for your work. They can’t just be people you know, but people who have paid for your business expertise.

CEO Curator then interviews your references and completes an online review to see how you show up in the market. We make note of any negative reviews, website typos, broken links, or anything else that might seem unprofessional to an outside pair of eyes. We compile our findings with the results of the clients’ feedback into a written report, to deliver a 360 view for a very low out of pocket cost.

By requiring that all of our members complete this first step, you know that everyone in our network can be a trusted B2B resource for your business goals, whatever they may be. You will not be hounded by sales pitches, but introduced to a quality pool of professionals who can help further your objectives, and vice versa.

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