April 2020 Webinar: Strategic Planning Amid Uncertainty

April 2020 Webinar: Strategic Planning Amid Uncertainty

In April, CEO Curator’s expert member Stacy Buchanan, founder and marketing strategist of Wythe Ave Consulting, discussed common concerns business owners are raising during this nationwide shutdown, approaches to think strategically about next steps during these uncertain times, and opportunities to emerge from this crisis even stronger. This free webinar invited fellow members of our business community facing similar challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic to ask themselves:

Stacy Buchanan

  • What should we be saying to our customers?
  • Is it inappropriate to continue promoting our services?  
  • How might our business model need to evolve?

Stacy guided participants through a “PEST” model of “what if?” scenarios, including:

  • Political or legal
  • Economic
  • Social or environmental
  • Technological

This exercise allowed participants to think through “what now?” in order to identify opportunities to not only weather this storm, but to grow from it.

The antidote for uncertainty is thoughtful strategy. Our strategies may need to evolve or shift, but having them to begin with positions us for success in business and life.