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We are a directory of consulting partners, fractional professionals, and business advisors who have been fully vetted by CEOs who have worked with them in the past.  Like you, our members are experts at what they do and are focused on taking your business further, faster. We invite you to become a member of our network, where the burden of due diligence has been done for you.

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Our member-only promotions provide ROI while connecting you to trusted resources in your business community.

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Connecting successful CEOs to trusted consultants who live and work in the same business community


CEO Curator members enjoy access to special pricing, invitation-only events, and the freedom from having to do extensive research when outsourcing important business functions. We focus on quality instead of quantity and curate only trusted B to B experts.


Each consultant in our network lives and works in the same business community that you do. They provide client references to vouch for their expertise and professionalism.  Members can write reviews on their profile page for insights into their work styles before they are hired.


CEO Curator hosts local charity events where members of our network are invited to volunteer together in a private no-sales environment. We are able to come together to help the community while making authentic connections without the forced pressure of an awkward networking event.