Good Run Research and Recreation

At Good Run Research & Recreation, we believe that we are all better versions of ourselves when we are having fun, be that on the clock or off. In our world of market research, this belief is paramount, as it's imperative that we facilitate candor and engagement, as both are directly correlated with the quality of the "data." So everything we do, from the qualitative work we conduct at our state-of-the-art focus group facility to the quantitative surveys we design, is anything-but-ordinary, fun, and ultimately GOOD.

Good Run Research & Recreation provides full-service, custom qualitative and quantitative market research to the world's smartest brands.


There's a Reason For the Recreation

We're Good Run Research & Recreation, and we are about to rock your research world by delivering creative, custom, qualitative solutions. Getting to know your consumers is our passion, and we’re seriously GOOD at translating what they say, do, don’t, drink, eat, play, watch, text, wipe, swipe, hate, like, and love into actionable insight.

We're also big believers in working a little recreation into our research. We've found that people do their best work when they're having fun. Once they laugh a little, settle in, feel comfortable, they open up and tell us what they're really thinking  -which is exactly what our clients want: honesty.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

We help our clients make informed decisions across a range of business needs including strategy development, communication, innovation, marketing, ideation, and sales/growth.

How are you different from your competitors?

Our philosophy, our methodology, our facility (The Rec Room) - everything is anything but ordinary and completely customized to meet our client's specific needs, from the super traditional (and effective) to the super weird (and also effective). Focus groups, IDIs, and shopalongs? We’ve got that covered. Sleepovers with moms? Check. Bug-centered snack-alongs? Yep, and yum. Closet catwalks? We’re GOOD for all of it, and it’s what keeps our clients coming back for more.

What should we know about your company?

We say there is a Reason for the Recreation. People do their best work when they are having fun. Once they laugh, settle in, feel comfortable and happy, they open up, and tell us what they're really thinking. It's exactly what our clients want - honesty.

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