Our Second “Ask the Experts: What Every CEO Can Learn From COVID-19” Panel

Our Second “Ask the Experts: What Every CEO Can Learn From COVID-19” Panel

CEO Curator’s expert member Linda Nash, founder and CEO of WellcomeMD joined by Dr. Neal Carl will discuss how she and her healthcare company faced the COVID-19 pandemic head-on and what lessons she is taking into the last half of 2020 and beyond.

COVID-19 not only changed everything overnight for CEOs, but continues to present new challenges each day. This interactive webinar will provide the opportunity to get your questions answered by Linda, a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space.

Linda Nash Founder & CEO WellcomeMDDr. Carl

About Our Speakers

Linda Nash likes to identify business opportunities and grow these concepts from scratch into thriving enterprises. She started WellcomeMD in 2016 with an office in Chicago and added a growing and successful Richmond location in 2017. WellcomeMD is a concierge medical practice with physicians who have the time, tools and team to create personalized health plans that address the root cause of their patients’ issues.

Neal Carl, MD is double-board certified by the American Academy of Family Practice and by the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), with expertise in hormone imbalances and weight loss.

Dr. Carl was born and raised in Richmond, VA and believes in a proactive approach to each individual’s health and wellness. He has a professional passion for preventive medicine and the care of acute and chronic illnesses. Dr. Carl has a passion for helping patients maintain or regain optimal vitality and wellness as they age.